Friday, June 4, 2010

Fans-Stars Obsession: Kick Ass

One of my past times is surfing the net. Watching movies online and other people’s videos, and reading blogs of my friends, to not my friends, to totally unknown people. Sometimes, I would even end up in a celebrity’s blog site. It’s not that I know everything about everybody. It’s just that I found interesting things everywhere and putting it all together, I always come up with ideas.

Just recently, I was hooked up on following Japanese blogs. Some of them are celebrities. I read in some blogs, people are quarreling. Some blogs are being hacked. The most ridiculous thing I found out was posers are everywhere. Celebrities and ordinary people are being followed, have fans clubs, and unknowingly, there are people who pretends to be them. Ridiculously annoying, isn’t it?

I don’t really get it. Okay, people get famous because there is something about them that is cool. The people who like them are called ‘fans’. They are the followers. But there are different types of fans, good, stupid and the bad fans. But there are also different types of famous people, good, bad, and in between.

Fans are good when they are in front of the idols. The bad side of them comes out when they are not in front of the well-known. They try to follow celebrities everywhere and treat them like some kind of Gods when the fact is that they are just mere mortals whose talent was discovered. Usually fans go gaga over their idols which are very insane.

I just have a question and I hope to get an answer in the near future.

If they wanted privacy, why would they put their pictures publicly in their accounts? They could use their pet’s pictures. Duhh.

They would keep on posting blogs which contains their writings saying “Please fans, this is the real ______, stop fighting or bad-mouthing me. I’m not a fake. I have this and that and… You can ask him and her and… blah blah blah.” Hey peeps, this is the online world where people could connect from all the sides of the world. I can’t blame anyone for this. But I can judge anybody for ruining ones personality because of his/her/their unruly obsession over someone. Trying to copy and pretend to be someone else is as dirty as trying to eat your own feces, do you know that?

If they want to, they could just create fan pages. Or do what Justin Bieber is doing. Haha.

Obsession has two types. The Good one is when fans support them by following their official blogs and saying Good Lucks, have their music in your player, you have posters or pictures of them and your know things about them. I mean things that were officially said from them of course. Not some make up stories and ideas. You support them 100% and you don’t fight with other fans. And you’re happy when they are happy.

The bad obsession is when you become stupid. You scream outrageously because of your fancy mania with the celebrity with no valid reason at all. You throw things at them when they’re on stage. You stalk them everywhere. You try to hack their personal accounts online. You sleep outside their houses. You spread rumors that are not true. And you pretend to be them in some social sites. Isn’t that so ridiculous?

The next thing we knew, fans are already fighting at each other. The bad thing is, when the one you’re actually having fight with is the true one. You just won’t believe him/her/them.

For the side of the famous: Okay, so they knew about things like this. And all they would do is to plead that fans shouldn’t do such things or say that this certain site is theirs, etc etc. (I’m talking about the bad obsession part.) So I saw several blogs that proves it. When they’re spammed with hate comments already saying that the owner of the blog is just a bogus… They would send some sort of plead replies telling the sender that it is in actual fact them. They next thing you’ll see is the owner, telling his/her/their followers that they will transfer to another blog or social site already because they can’t take what the bad fans were doing. This also applies to normal people who have posers.

Is that all you can do? Going to another site because it’s killing you knowing that you have posers or some people are being bad to you because they wouldn’t believe any word you say? If you can’t take what the bad people are doing, what more if it’s already personal? If you can’t take it while you’re still in the early years of stardom of life, what more in the future? Hah! You’ll never survive in this world if you don’t know how to fight for your rights. You’ll never be someone worth of a personality star if you would just kept on running away from ghost who’s not even an inch worthy to be your impersonator.

Being someone unique to the eyes of the people has consequences you have to face. And as the owner of that soul, body and mind, you must know that it is your rights to fight for your own personality from someone who’s trying to steal it. And if you’re brilliant enough, you know they can’t do anything but talk bad about you. As long as you know who and what you are, you don’t have to plead for their mouths to shut up from pissing you.

This is so KICK ASS!