Friday, July 2, 2010

Qoutes for everyone...

Life is something we should live in present looking for the future by
taking lessons from the past.

Posers are not bad unless they try to ruin somebody else's personality. Impersonators, CosPlayers, etc... They are considered as posers. So what's wrong with being someone who wants to imitate somebody? We just have to learn to accept that things are not always as easy as we think they are.......

Teachers are not only those who received diploma from the Education Department. Everybody can be a teacher. Even the baby from a Mom's womb. Even the blind, the hand/feet-less, the deaf etc... Each and everyone of us, are teacher in our own ways. We just have to live by the good side of choices we do in our lives. And not be selfish to save the lives of others.

If you don't want people passing over you, don't block the hallway!


Things cannot be judged just by the way they look, they act and they move. Sometimes, even the smallest childish-est person in the world can make your face real red for kicking your ass.


The best thing about friends is, asking things not to harm them but to build stronger friendship...Things might not be as easy as they seem to be, demo, trust makes everything fine and cooL. and things are not always brought to circle by looks, names, sweetness of the words or blood relationships. It's about trust, personality, forgiveness, attitude, love, understanding and character.