Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Philippine Election -What's in it for me?

I'm just wondering... since it's election time again, many are 'nagkukumahog' to run this time. And seeing what happened to the Philippines for the past few years, I wonder what could these bunch of runners can do for the country if ever they win the votes of many. Seeing the Philippines right now, it seems like there were really no good things that happened to make it a better living place. So many shortages, wars, inflation and unattended pending help from those who were struck by the calamities we have encountered.

Just recently, in my Economics class, we had reporting by groups. My group tackled about the Finance thingy of the Philippines and the next group discussed about the Trading thingy. The Galleon era and the era now. We have learned that the current 'utang' (debt) of the Philippines in the World Bank is about Php 300 billion now or something close to that. (not really sure)

The Philippines was born to be one of the most blessed country in the World. So gifted.
But how come we belong to the 3rd world countries?
How come we can't even pay our debts?
How come Filipinos were born very gifted but people chose to be so dumb instead?
We're an agricultural country but how come we can't even supply our own with the basics needs?
How come we have so many laws but we're so poor in following it?
How come we have so many buildings and techs like 'nakikipagsabayan tayo kahit papaano' but then, so many children can't go to school?
How come they were fixing the roads and the industrial buildings but can't fix the needies?
How come there are people who dies of being hit by cars just under the overpass?
How come there are so many talented Filipinos but they kept on focusing the fame to those who brings so much money for themselves and not for the country?
How come most of the successful businessmen are foreign and not from our own race? and we tend to make 'samba' and use these foreign items when ours are more beautiful naman?
How come 'ung sariling atin, mas mahal'?
How come we have so many 'libreng school para sa mahirap "daw"', and yet so many Filipinos can't attend to these schools?
How come there are so many 'how come's? Can't we make a difference?

How can these candidates of 2010 Elections serve the Philippines? Can they make a difference? Is that difference going to be good or bad?

Pinapalaki nila ung mga daan kasi daw para di na masyadong trapik. Totoo ba? nabawasan ba ung trapik? hindi naman. Madami kasing makukuha dun. Wala un sa daan. Nasa gumagamit un.
Bakit sa Japan at States, maliliit ung mga public highways nila pero maayos naman? Diretso pa mostly ung mga daan, hindi paliko likong parang spaghetti. Wala magulong trapik. Kasi maayos ung laws nila. Hinuhuli ung dapat hulihin. Inaayos ung dapat ayusin. Walang kotong. Walang gitgitan. Nasa iisang lane kaya hindi buhol buhol.
Ung bicycle lane nila, para lang talaga sa bicycles at skaters. Sa ibang bansa nga, may Horse lanes pa. Bakit satin hindi pwedeng ganun??? Kasi pati ung bicycle lanes ginagawang car lanes or paradahan. Anong silbi nun?

Gusto kong makasakay ng malayo sa kabayo pag may lakad akong hindi ganun kaimportante. Gusto kong maranasan mag-skates or mag-bike when going somewhere without thinking that I might not be safe cause I might get hit by a car or something.

Gusto kong makakita ng kandidatong nakikipagkamay sa taong grasa. Gaano ba sila maka-tao? Gaano sila mapagkunwari? Gaano nila makakayang humalik sa lupa?

It's not about kung sinong galing sa mahirap... it's not about kung sinong they thought is para sa mahirap... It's about kung sinong tatayong magpapakahirap.

It's not about kung sinong mag-aahon satin sa kahirapan... It's not about kung sinong magbibigay satin ng tulong para yumaman... It's about kung sinong maglalakas loob to make the lives of each and every Filipinos pantay pantay. Walang mahirap, walang mayaman. Nagtutulungan, nagmamahalan, nagbibigayan.

Gusto kong makakita ng kandidatong namamalengke sa wet market para magpakain ng mga malnourish, hindi nangangampanya sa dry market with his/her bodyguards with matching banda's.

Gusto kong makakita ng tunay na pagbabago. Gaya ng pangarap ng mga taong tunay na nakakakita sa reyalidad na nangyayari sa bansa.