Friday, January 8, 2010

100Q's with some HSJ related parts

1)You are going to answer 100 questions. How do you feel?
-Excited to analyze myself.

2)How are you feeling today?
-Daijoobu desu. Just woke up.

3)Tell us your height and weight!
-ara! ma! ara ma! chiisai for my age. hehe. weight? wakarimasen.

4)I want to ____ this summer!
-a playful summer! I want this year's summer to be something extraordinary than before.

5)Do you like spring?
-hai! Mochiron!
6)Do you have pollinosis (allergies)?
-hai. Dust allergy.

7)What color is summer color?
-kiiroi. It's a bright color.

8)Summer item you’ve recently purchased is?

9)What do you want to eat right now?

10)What do you want right now?
-eiwa jiten, eiwa jisho

11)What do you want to do right now?
-Eat Ice cream.

12)If you were to time slip, would you go to the past? Or future?
-Past. I have things I regret not doing my best from my past.

13)What do you want to be if you were reborn?
-a Neko or a Risu

14)What do you think your previous existence was?

*Persons you know for real...
15)Number 1 fashionable person you know?
-Watashi. hehe.

16)Number 1 crybaby person you know?
-Watashi. demo, no one knows.

17)Number 1 sharpest person you know?
-Watashi. I have a sharp tongue despite of my friendly personality.

18)Number 1 soothing type of friend person you know?
19)Number 1 active person you know?

20)Number 1 photogenic person you know?
-My best friend, Hotaru-san!

21)Number 1 good looking person you know?
-My brother, Aji-niisan!

22)Number 1 kindest person you know?
-wakarimasen. Must be...ah! Momo-chan!

*Hey Say JUMP
23)What kind of person is Nakajima Yuto?

24)What kind of person is Yamada Ryosuke?

25)What kind of person is Chinen Yuri?
-kawaii and sugoi

26)What kind of person is Morimoto Ryutaro?

27)What kind of person is Okamoto Keito?
-English boi... hansamu.

28)What kind of person is Arioka Daiki?
-friendly. always smiling.

29)What kind of person is Takaki Yuya?

30)What kind of person is Inoo Kei?

31)What kind of person is Yaotome Hikaru?

32)What kind of person is Yabu Kota?

33)If you were to switch places for one day from the members?

34)What makes you think you are glad to be a JUMP fan?
-Inspired me to learn Japanese more.

35)One JUMP’s pride you think they deserve to have.

36)What do you want to be called by your boyfriend?
-anything yuniiku

37)Meeting up with your boyfriend, how long would you wait?
-30 minutes

38)When you get a girlfriend, do you want to contact each other everyday?
-it doesn't have to be everyday

39)Mature guy or cute guy, which is your type?

40)average type or muscled type, which is your type?
-handsome and hot and yet has frightening strength hidden inside

41)Quiet guy or active guy, which is your type?
-active guy

42)What kind of situation do you fall in love?
-it depends. only when he already has proven himself worthy of my love.

43)What do you demand for your future husband?
-chuugi and forever only love

44)What is love means to you?
-It's a precious thing that should not be played.

45)Best mimic.

46)Favorite part of your body is?
-kuchibiru to me

47)Least favorite part of your body is?
-height and weight

48)Your weakness is?

49)Favorite food is?
-Spaghetti and sweets

50)A person who is sensitive (can’t stand) to heat or to cold?

51)Are you an impatient or patient person?
-both. Could that be possible? haha. hai! to me.

52)Are you an romantic or a realistic person?

53)Your hobby right now.
-Listening to HSJ songs and learning Japanese

54)When did you recently cried about?
-dawn of dec.31, 2009... My tatay Jaga scolded me for something that wasn't my fault and he thought I'm making a fool out of him.

55)When did you recently angered about?
-just a while ago. people can't do things without me as their help. tsk tsk

56)How many times do you mail [text] in one day?
-about 5-10 on ordinary days

57)What is your cell phone background image [wallpaper]?
-Yuri and Ryosuke's duet picture

58)Favorite number is?
-18. It's my birthday.

59)First thing you do when you wake up is?
-think if I should get up already or stay and continue sleeping

60)How long does it take you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?
-about an hour.

61)Is your breakfast rice type or bread type?
-rice type. Breakfast has to be rice!

62)Do you check the forecast before you leave?

63)What do you do in your room?
-read, eat and sleep.

64)Are you a bathtub type or shower type?
-It depends on the situation.

65)How long does it take you to bathe?
-about 10-15 minutes.

66)Where do you wash first when washing your body?

67)What do you always do before you go to bed?

68)Do you use bed or futon?

69)What color is your bed/futon sheets?
-white. It looks cleaner, ne.

70)How well do you sleep? Good or bad?
-It goes bad when I have nightmares demo, aside from that, it's all a good sleep.

71)Is your mood good or bad, when you wake up?

72)What do you wear to sleep?
-comfortable pajamas.

73)How long is your average sleep?
-7 to 8 hours.

74)How long have you slept for the longest?
-About 12 hours.

75)What does your family call you by?

76)Are you type of person who shows their feeling by face?
-soo dewa nai desu.

77)How do you get rid of stress?
-Eat, sing and dance

78)What instruments can you play?
-Flute, Lyre and hmmm.. wakarimasen!

79)Is your room clean?
-hmmm. I share room with my okaa-san.

80)What is your favorite part about your room?
-where my stuffs is.

81)If you were to describe yourself in color?
-Rainbow. Each color have a corresponding description of personality. Demo, since I have defferent personalities, then it's Rainbow.=)

82)Do you have any wording habit?
-hmmm.. "Shing shing", "Baka" and "Yowai".

83)When is a moment when you think “I think I’m cool”?
-When I'm in the mood of looking friendly smart ass.

84)When is a moment when you think “I’m not cool.. !?”?
-when I get mad.

85)Favorite ingredients in your onigiri [rice ball] is.. ?
-the rice itself. haha.

86)Favorite ingredients in your sandwich is..?
-Egg. I love Egg sandwich.

87)What do you always do before a performance?
-condition myself.

88)Do you get nervous before an performance?
-of course. I might do wrong. huhu

89)Are you interested in seeing your name on a Uchiwas(fan)?

90)What is your number 1 mistake during a performance?
-I forgot the steps. haha.

91)Do you have any treasures?
-watashi no kazoku.

92)Where do you want to go for an oversea travel?
-japan first. then, s.Korea, London, States, Hawaii, Canada.

93)Where do you want to travel inside of Philippines?
-ah! cave. wakarimasen. Too many to mention.

94)Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?

95)How many kids do you want?
- about ni?

96)What do you want your future kids to call you by?
-hmmm.. any.. as long as it's a cute name and respectable.

97)What kind of adult do you want to be?
-a good, wise and wonderful one.

98)Few words to yourself right now!
- I'll do my best and aim higher than yesterday's accomplishments!

99)Few words to yourself in 10 years!
-Have you reached the sky already? Did you gain height? haha.

100)How do you feel on your 100th question?
-whoah! I finished it! It made me think of things, ne... hayyyyzt.. Arigatou!