Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's not always that you will meet someone who will value your existence more than the way you expected and the way you value him/her. And it's not also everyday that you will have that person to talk to and see. So whatever the circumstances are, you always have to look forward to seeing and talking to that person, and never let go of that special feelings you have, for you will never know... That might be the last time that you will have the chance to have all his/her time and attention just for you. And there will be no more next time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun is good...

In a parking lot...
Parking Lot
(Don't block the drive way)
warning: For cars only

Two friends talking...
Person 1: Anong paborito mong kulay?
Person 2: Wala ehh. Black kasi ang paborito ko.

In a classroom... teacher telling the students their assignment.
Teacher: Class, magdala kayo ng art paper. kahit anong kulay basta pink.

In a classroom...
Teacher: Bring out 1/4 piece of pad paper.
Pupils: 1/2 ma'am?

Two friends talking...
Person 1: Malakas ka ba magtrip, 'tol?
Person 2: Ako? Hindi nga ehh.. I'm not KSP kasi. Tara sa buwan! Sagot ko.

In office... a phone conversation...
Caller: May I speak with your boss please?
Assistant: Oh I'm sorry but mu boss already left for his out-of-the-country appointment that will last for a week last last night. Would you like to wait, sir?



A long long time ago, in a far far far away subdivision with a kingdom outside our galaxy, a girl named Cindyrella was locked up in a slimy cellar where rats and cockroaches began to nibble her feet.

Cindyrella cried, “Help! Let me out!”
Then there came out a magic Dwelf and said, “My dear, are you alright?”
Cindyrella replied, “All right? Can’t you see I feel as rotten as can be!?!? Get me to the ball held at the kingdom! My stepsisters have gone and I am jealous! I want a dress, a coach, earrings, diamond brooch, silver slippers and a nylon panty hose! Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but NOW!”
Therefore, the magic Dwelf gave her colorful dagger-wand a mighty flick and in no time at all, Cindyrella was at the ball! Dancing with the handsome Prince who have fallen in love at first sight with her. All was going on so well until the clock struck for midnight.
“Heck! I’ve got to run to run to save my neck!” Cindyrella shouted.
She run away as fast as she could but the Prince grabbed her dress to hold her back. The dress was ripped from head to toe and she ran out with her underwear and lost one slipper on the grand stairs.
“The girl whom this slipper fits shall be my bride!” said the Prince. The next morning, the Prince went on looking for the owner of the slipper. The shoe was long, very wide and smelled a wee bit icky. There came to Cindyrella’s house, Cindyrella’s ugly stepsisters tried the slipper. The eldest, Andalucia, said it was hers but the Prince denied and decided to go home.
Andalucia stopped him and said, “You promised to marry me so you stand on it!”
The Prince got angry. He pulled his sword out and in one swoosh sway, Andalucia’s head went down to her feet. The second stepsister, Grizziella, feeling delighted, tried to get the slipper to try it on but the Prince would not give it to her.
“Hey! Marry! I am the true owner of that filthy slipper, you know. So marry me!” Grizziella said.
The Price smiled at her and another swoosh sway of his sword, Grazziella’s head rolled down to her feet and headed to the kitchen.
“She’s prettier without her head.” The Prince said.
At the kitchen, Cindyrella was busy cooking ger food when she saw Graziella’s head.
“Oh! My dear sister’s head was chopped! Hmmmm, on the other hand, I think this will make my food more delicious.” So she picked up the head and put it on the food she’s cooking. Tasted it and said, “Hmmmm.. Delicioso!”
She went out in the kitchen and saw the Prince.
“What’s all the racket?” asked the puzzled Cindyrella.
“Mind your own business. Want me to chop your head too?” the Prince answered.
“Oh my! My Prince has the hobby of chopping heads! Magic Dwelf, magic Dwelf, please hear my plead. Please let me marry a honey jam maker instead of a Prince. Let me marry a good man instead of one chopping heads. Please let me have someone who would love me for who I am, than having someone who is handsome but does not know how to value life. Please turn me back into my old good-hearted self.” cried Cindyrella.
The Dwelf came out of sight again upon hearing Cindyrella’s call. She waved her dagger-wand and Cindyrella can be seen neither in a brick house nor in a palace. She’s living in a wooden house eating a yummy bread with sweet honey instead of a soup with a human head. And of course, instead of a Prince, she was married to a good, honest honey jam maker.
And they lived happily ever after…

Lesson learned:
· Be contented of what you have. Don’t dream for something unbelievable and impossible. Just try if you can change your fate.
· Wait for what is destined to you. Don’t be in a rush. But also remember that you make your own fate.
· Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.
· You can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.
· Either you control your attitude or it controls you.
· Background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.
· It’s not what you have in your life, but whom you have in your life that counts.
· The most important things in life aren't things.
· No matter where life takes you, don't forget where you came from.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was on my way to Cubao to buy something at the mall when we passed by the school where I attended my grade 2 and 3.. I remembered the childhood times of my life.. My crushes.. my friends.. my mischievous deeds.. my experiences.. the lessons i learned..

I remember having my 3rd crush at ERSES.. hihi...
I remember joining a gang...the girls gang...
I remember fighting with my gang versus the boys...
I remember losing my bag because i was in a battle...
I remember watching my classmates playing Spirit of the Coin...
I remember being the keeper of the ghostly coin...
I remember feeling hurt because my 2nd best friend of mine left me...
I remember feeling so embarrassed because of an unfortunate event...(my fortunate event ba?=>)
I remember being so masunurin and malinis...
I remember getting lessons from my crush... ahem ahem...

I wish i could visit that schooL some time...
stories about it, on my next posts... ciao!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One heck of a HeLL...

I stared at the man beside me. He was looking at me.. he's smiling.. a friendly smile..

Then another scenery popped out.. a girl trying to escape from that bloody room she was chained at. Beside her was a door.. and another girl at her feet.. the first girl was chained hanging flat to the wall. the latter girl was just 2 feet away from her.. laying in the grounds filled with blood.. a hooded man was raping her.. the 2 girls were trying to escape from that terror happening to them but they can't.. too weak.. too down.. no one from the outside world seems to know there were some murdering that happened and is happening in that place. the chained girl started banging the wall with her body while shouting for help..

The scenery was changed.. i was at home with my family.. we were at the garage cooking and grilling food for dinner. A perfect family.. so happy.. smiling faces surrounding me.. we were joking at each other.. the kids running around freely.. then we decided to sleep coz it's late already.. I don't know why but we slept there beside the gate.

changed... the smiling man scene.. i can't remember how but i found out that he was the hooded rapist-killer i saw at the bloody room.. then he began chasing me.. like the chasing game that happened in the movie Leprechaun.. the bloody room with the chained girl popped out again.. bloods on her and a shadow of a woman getting killed with a knife.. the scene popped out about 2 times more.. different women being killed..

then i saw myself in the scene.. my face looked so dull like i was some sort of a vampire.. like i don't have blood.. so white.. so scared.. i was trying to open the gate coz Aji-niisan run out for something and i was trying to call him back..i had opened the gate successfully.. i was kneeling on the ground and my head was out looking for my Aji-niisan.. then i heard someone laughing devilishly.. I looked up.. there i saw him..

the killer man... he tried to kill my family so he could kill me... i have realized that, if he gets me, i will be the next victim in that bloody room.. this can't be my end.!

i fought back.. My Aji-niisan was there trying to figure out what to do but he seems to lose his mind for the sudden happening.. My family was deep asleep.. they're not dead. I have defended them. they were still sleeping soundly not knowing and can't feel that I was in danger.. I run away.. i tried.. but he caught my hair and pulled me back.. I tried hitting him with my fighting skills.. he got frustrated.. he decided to just kill me so his mission of keeping me silent will be finished.. and that was it.. I felt the tip of the cold steel touch my skin.. I felt the red liquor flow down in my belly's skin.. I felt the pain and me catching my breath..

he stabbed be with a kitchen knife...

I saw him, my dearest brother, Azul (Aji-niisan), running away like nothing happened. Like he checked us if we were sleeping soundly and he saw that we're ok and run away again for something..

I opened my eyes feeling so ughmmm, devastated..? No.. frightened is the correct word.. I was catching my breath and tears were falling down my cheeks..I was facing left.. I rolled to the right... That was when i realized..

It felt like it was true but...

It was all just one of those nightmares...

But I know.. like the others.. this would hunt me for a month or so before i could get over it..

I don't know what to do.. I don't have anyone to listen to me.. I don't have someone who could comfort me when I'm scared.. It seems like they all think i can take care of myself.. but i am scared.. and can't tell it to anyone.. i can't be a sissy.. therefore, I have to deal with it...=(