Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun is good...

In a parking lot...
Parking Lot
(Don't block the drive way)
warning: For cars only

Two friends talking...
Person 1: Anong paborito mong kulay?
Person 2: Wala ehh. Black kasi ang paborito ko.

In a classroom... teacher telling the students their assignment.
Teacher: Class, magdala kayo ng art paper. kahit anong kulay basta pink.

In a classroom...
Teacher: Bring out 1/4 piece of pad paper.
Pupils: 1/2 ma'am?

Two friends talking...
Person 1: Malakas ka ba magtrip, 'tol?
Person 2: Ako? Hindi nga ehh.. I'm not KSP kasi. Tara sa buwan! Sagot ko.

In office... a phone conversation...
Caller: May I speak with your boss please?
Assistant: Oh I'm sorry but mu boss already left for his out-of-the-country appointment that will last for a week last last night. Would you like to wait, sir?