Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bullies are Stupid.

It's really funny knowing that some people would try to hunt you down. And be fooled because they do not give themselves the benefit of the doubt. They would just kept on believing. By the time they found the real one, they would tend not to believe them. They would tend to bully or fight against people without trying to find out what is the truth or not.

It is so annoying. We are born good and smart. But people tend to stay the same and become stupid just because they think they are already good enough. If only all of us would try to smarten up and do things even though we are afraid to do so, if we know it is good. We would do it and be proud of ourselves for being smart enough not to hurt anybody.

I will and I will not.

I will give myself the benefit of the doubt and be brave to ask if I want to know the truth.

I will not fight, hurt or bully anyone just because I think I'm smart.

I will strengthen my values which are faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity and virtue more than I used to be.

I will not do things I can't do especially if it will hurt somebody else.

I will always protect my people and care about them even if they're spoiling me like a child. (which is very weird but cute. haha)

I will not let bad people scare my pride away and not able to fight for my own.

I will help other people be confident enough to save themselves from bullies.

I will not lie just to make people like me.

I will always tell the truth even if it means I could hurt myself or the person concerned.

I will not let people love me for who I am not, it is better if they would dislike me for who I am not than to love me for who I am not.

I will love people without discrimination like I always do.

I will not be a burden to other people to the extent that I can not live without them.

I will be proud to accept my mistakes and make it right what is wrong.