Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fandom and Fans : Wake up! This is Reality

I have my fandom and I love it. But I learned so many things in it, and I’m gonna share you a bit about it.
Keep real friendship, earn respect, value trust and don’t believe in everything you see or hear.

In JE fandom~

1.     Respect every video and music uploaders~ Give credits, say thank you messages, no bad-mouthing, and follow their rules.

2.    In forums, clubs, groups etc~ Fandom maybe sharing but learn to follow rules. Keep your mouth shut when a particular cluster said so.

3.    To the fans~ learn to limit yourself.

Yheah, I myself have leaked something precious to a person I thought I could trust also but I ended up being betrayed and hurting the primary people involved. That person told to other people the information. I learned my lessons and I’m writing this to tell you something you probably don’t know.

What do I mean by “LIMIT YOURSELF”? To the fans~

There are some things that you can publicly share/reveal just because you personally found out about it. There are private things fans shouldn’t get themselves into. Sometimes, because we think that this is FANDOM, it’s okay to tell everyone what we think can be publicized when in reality, it should have been private. It’s horrible knowing that sometimes we become this type of fans. Trash fans as some may call it. We were so obsessed of being in fandom that we tend to be like someone popular in this world too by being like paparazzi who try to reveal everything about our favorite artists, not minding whether it is private or public.

Fans always blame Johnny-san, the Staffs, paparazzi’s, Hey Say Shoujo, Magazines, Interviewers, or other people… when something bad happens or news, etc. But have you ever tried blaming yourselves? I did. How about you? Yes? No? No. Reason, because you are fans. And you always thought you are one heck good of a fan. Well, I’m gonna tell you the reality. The real thing is sometimes, it is the fans’ fault why Johnny-san would at times disband a JE group or kick out an individual artist.

Minna, please stop posting, blogging or writing about JE stuffs unless it is officially announced to the public by JE itself. You know why? Because sometimes, it’s what we posts that creates chaos and rumors around the fandom world. One day, NYC, Arashi, NEWS, or much more is Hey Say JUMP might end up getting disbanded or lose members because of the privacy leakage fans posts online etc. about what they know or find out about the JE Artists.

            It may be your right to have freedom to do whatever you like to post but there are times that it is not just right. Sometimes we say that we just wanted to reveal the truth and only the truth and share it to our fellow readers or fans. (What? Are we reporters now? From Paparazzi to reporters and what’s next? Private investigators? Tsk tsk.)

Guys, you don’t want the truth. You want a story. Because of the fan’s sometimes bad obsession, you turn your idols’ lives into your own little reality show. You build them up into a big celebrity just so you can tear them down in public. Fans’ take away the freedom, privacy, honesty to their idols. So

When one said no re-uploading, re-posting or keep things that you read/hear as a secret because of confidentiality~ ONEGAI~ please do obey it. If more JE groups would get disbanded because fans get out of hand, congratulations, you’ve created a celebrity topic. But don’t blame other people, instead try to blame your little witty attitude as a fan.

That’s all I wanna say.


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