Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teacher's, ARIGATO!!!

Usually, we would say that teachers suck, not good, and annoying. Usually, we would think that teachers only think of themselves, that they don’t care about their students, and they just teach us craps. Wholeheartedly, just this week, I realized that not everything we think about others is right.
Who and what really are these TEACHERS anyway? According to the dictionary, is it someone who shares, teach, or impart knowledge or skill to somebody else. Therefore, teachers are not only those who have taken up the course Education. All of us can be a teacher. No age limits, no strict education standards, no restrictions, as long as you know what to teach, you can be a teacher.
There may really be some scrap teacher, but not all of them. Also, there are options and exemptions on how we classify people. You see, each of us has different point of views, standards and personalities. Other may think that Mr. Einstein is an insane one, but others would think otherwise. He’s a genius. Honestly, my dear people, whether a teacher is good or not depends on you, on us. Students can’t choose their teachers, though they can choose their schools.
Imagine if someone is teaching us something and we don’t get it, we would say the teacher is not good. But other did get it, so, we would say, “Matalino kasi sila.” Then we would start looking for another teacher. A teacher who could teach us great things and we would think that this teacher is better or rather, perfect. I realize how pathetic those people who has this way of thinking. Guilty as charged. Perfection is just a matter of individuality, or a matter of changing how you view things. Whether the learning thing is boring or fun doesn’t always depend on teachers. It also depends on the students. Cause true knowledge will only be acquired by those who really want to learn.
Different kinds of teachers we meet everyday. Teacher Policeman teaches us that jaywalking is bad. Teacher Nurse and Teacher Doctor teach us how to take care of our health. Teacher Mother and Father guide us in our lives. Teacher Fireman teaches us never to play fire. And of course, let’s include Teacher Classmates and Teacher Friends whom we could always ask for help when we have something that we can’t understand in class or somewhere else. We like some, we hate some. Still no matter what kind of teacher you meet in the future, don’t forget what you’ve always learned. They’re the one who taught us how to have pride and confidence, to be humble, disciplined and independent, and they’re the one who had taught us how to stand up when we fall and shakes us up when we’re on our lame selves.
So, with all these things that our teacher had done, have we ever thank them for it? Have we ever tried appreciating them? Have we ever tried apologizing to all the heartaches and the pains we’ve given to them? Have we ever thought that, simple gesture of smile and giving gratitude to them could make them feel like the luckiest teachers in the world? Oh yes, that’s true. Even the grouchiest person in the world could turn into a cool, happy and wonderful person if you know someone appreciates your existence. Most people say I’m just a kid. By the looks, yes, but now that I already realized how pathetic I have been, that only means I am not a kid anymore. I’m now standing at the entrance of adulthood. Guys, now is the time that we wake up from being stubborn, out of control staminas. Now is the time that we learn to say thank you to our teachers.

(I first delivered this as my speech in my english 3 class. I ended it with this.

For the ending, I’d like to take this opportunity to give gratitude to those who became my teachers in my earlier college years. To the villa girls who kept on checking my attendance during PE. Thanks. To my current group, The Gamers, consists of Paps, Brotherhood (Willmar), Momo-chan (Raiza), Mamu Joyce, Nefirtiri (Jarie), Ilatriva (Katrina), Kuya Beybi Davie and Master (Rom). Thanks for the friendship. Kuya Gab, thanks for coaching me at Computer Organization class. To everyone, thanks for being my classmates. And of course, Miss Tibayan, Arigatou-Gozaimashita!

My teacher really liked it. I was so overwhelmed with joy knowing that I have touched the hearts of my audience. Maybe not all my classmates but at least, my teacher did.)

I am grateful to know that i have this gift to do such great touching pen works. This pen work is for all the teachers in the world.

So to all the teachers i have met and I will meet in the future, ARIGATOU-GOZAIMASHITA!!!