Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Say JUMP! Rocks!!!

Right now, I got pretty addicted to a Jpop group.. The Hey Say JUMP...

For the story...
The Hey Say 7 temporary group was first formed.

Composed of Yuya Takaki, Daiki Arioka, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima, and Yuri Chinen.

Their songs are...
* Fatalism
* The ONE
* Hey Say
* Bon Bon
* I Wo Kure

But then, since it was just temporary, here's the real score now.

The Hey Say BEST...

They are Hikaru Yaotome, Yuya Takaki, Kota Yabu, Kei Inoo, and Daiki Arioka.
With the songs, here...
* ス・リ・ル (Thrill)
* (Spicy)
* Bump Up
* Switch<
* School Days

...and this is Hey Say 7, the real ones...

Keito Okamoto, Yuri Chinen, Yuto Nakajima, Ryosuke Yamada and Ryutaro Marimoto.

Together with their cute songs... * ワンダーランド・トレイン (Wonderland Train)
* S.O.S
* Brave Story
* Iinjanai
* Salsa Iina Iine
* Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono
* Brain Dance

Kawaii ne... They are from Johnny's Entertainment of Japan...
Hey Say JUMP is a combination of two sub groups, the Hey Say BEST and the Hey Say 7... According to them, they were named Hey Say because they were all born in the Heisei period. That's the current era in Japan as of now.

and their songs as a whole... here...
* Ultra Music Power
* Dreams Come True
* Your Seed
* Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
* Glorious
* Deep night Kimi Omou
* School Kakumei (lyrics by Yabu Kota)
* Star Time
* Too Shy
* Bouken Rider
* Chance to Change
* トビラの向こう (Tobira No Mukou)
* 心・技・体 (Shin Gi Tai)
* 大胆夢敵 (Daitan Muteki)
* 太陽にLOVE MOTION! (Taiyou ni LOVE MOTION!)
* Memories
* 情熱JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)
* Endless Dream
* Born in The EARTH
* Our Future
* To The Top
* Romeo & Juliet
* Hitomi no Screen

* Wish by Chinen Yuri
* Ookiku nare~ boku by Chinen Yuri
* On The Wind by Chinen Yuri
* Stars In Heaven (With Chinen Yuri and Ryosuke Yamada)
* You(裕)&You(侑) (With Chinen and Yuto Nakajima)

* Perfume by Ryosuke Yamada
* Moonlight by Ryosuke Yamada
* Asia No Yoru by Ryosuke Yamada
* Uruwashi No Bad Girl by Yuto Nakajima
* Gentles by Hikaru Yaotome
* Akogare no Egoist by Hikaru Yaotome
* Thousand Light by Hikaru Yaotome
* Honoo - Flame of Love by Hikaru Yaotome
* Egoist by Hikaru Yaotome

* Boku wa tada... by Kota Yabu
* Hoshi no furu toki by Kota Yabu
* Hoshikuzu no beru by Kota Yabu
* Mayonaka no ANSWER by Kota Yabu
* Angel Come To Me by Kota Yabu
* Jewel Star by Kota Yabu
* Asu e (Lyrics written by Yabu) by Kota Yabu
* Arashi no carnival by Kota Yabu

* Rain Dance by Kota Yabu
* My Everything by Kota Yabu
* Ikujinashi〜DREAM BOYS Ver.〜 by Kota Yabu
* Chikai no sora (Lyrics written by Yabu) by Kota Yabu
* Tears and Smile (duet with (Yaotome)Hikaru - song written by Yabu, composition by Hikaru) by Kota Yabu

* Mirai by Kota Yabu
* Break the Ice by Kota Yabu

* Oretachi no Seishun by Takaki Yuya
* Kumi No Ito by Takaki Yuya
* Kumo no Ito(spider's thread) by Takaki Yuya
* Jitabata Junchuo by Takaki Yuya

* Arashi Medley by Hey Say 7
* Utauta-u by Hey Say 7
* Sorafune

hmmmm.. That's pretty much it...
hope i'd meet them in the future... weeeeeeeh

shing shing!!